Friday, 25 November 2016

My Bad

At the main entrance to Tesco-Lotus they usually display their special offers and sale items and it was their shampoo deal that caught my eye.  They had stack of bottles of varying kinds of finishes and conditioners and I was browsing through a couple as I knew wifey was getting short.

I went to check another variety and placed the bottle down but not quite square.

You know the domino displays you see on the telly where you knock the first down and the rest just unravel like a train speeding down railway tracks?

Aye, I set up a chain reaction and watched helplessly and with growing discomfort the entire display simply flop down, one on top of the other.  I single handidly fucked up the entire show.

The security guard rushed up giggling and suggested I leave it to her to rebuild.  I didn't need asking twice leaving her to her efforts as I legged it with my basket between my legs...

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