Sunday, 27 November 2016

Last Train Home

Realising the time a little too late to make the midnight BTS back to On Nut, we sprung for cabs and the hotel were kind enough to flag a couple down.

I have no idea why it was me again to experience a little more aggravation because as soon as I went to sit, the taxi driver said it would be THB 300.

To my shame I exclaimed "fuck of" (not at him just in disbelief generally- hadn't the bell boy explained were going to On Nut and not back to Pattaya) and told him it should be much more than THB 70.  Why was he not using his meter?

He stuck to his guns so we jumped ship and got the next cab already waiting behind.  We got home swiftly and the bill came to THB 68, so I lobbed him THB 200.

It's not the cost that bothers me, it's being taken for a mug I don't like.

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