Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Helping us to Help Them

Whey Aye Man - yes 
a luv yee pet - I love you (talking to your partner not your dog)
Cheers pet - thanks
Wor lass - my girlfriend
Wor lad - my boyfriend
Am gan hyem Pronounced 'yem' - i'm going home
Howay man - come on!
Clamming for me bait - hungry for my food.
Giz a snout mate - Can I have a cigarette
Here man, he's giving is hackies - he's looking at me funny
Shy bairns get nowt - shy children get nothing
Divvent get is wrang pet - don't get me wrong
Areet wor kid? - slang term for hello
Giz a deek at that - let me have a look at that (Please is frowned upon)
Haddaway & sh*te - Said in disbelief
oo he was gan propa radge - He was really angry
She's geet lush - she's very good looking
Calm doon - calm down
A right nebby bugga - a nosey person
was anly ten pund - it was only ten pound
Canny good like - good
Purely belta - really good
He's geet canny as oot - He's a really nice person
Are yee daft - are you stupid
Dee as ya telt - do as your told
Areet bonny lad - a polite way of saying hello
Me ma said - My mam said
Shooting and bawling - Arguing with someone
am gan to the toon - i'm going to Newcastle city centre
I'm propa paggered - i'm really tired

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