Sunday, 27 November 2016

Happy Birthday

To Shaz today even if we did celebrate it last night at the Clover hotel.  With a private dining room, free flowing beers/cocktails and personal service, what could go wrong?

Well, the food was not hot as they resorted to plating up the veg way before due hoping the hot main would disguise things.  Acceptable to some perhaps, but not good enough for me as if I am paying top dollar I would like it right.  Hot is the least requirement.

So I sent mine back and within minutes a replacement was winging its way to my seat.  Accept it was just the same as before, cold veg and beetroot mash and a lukewarm T-bone.

I collared the waiter and explained that I would like a plate of fries and a rare steak, cooked from fresh, which he duly passed onto the chef.  His (her?) reply was it would take 20 minutes- would that be OK?

By now I was slightly peeved as the restaurant was barely full (I had a look when I took my second plate back) and suggested that frying some chips and flash frying a steak rare should only take 10 minutes.  H scurried off and came back sharpish with exactly what I had asked for.

It's a pity that sometimes one has to be firm and hold out for what should be expected in the first place, but that aside, we all had a bloody good laugh and the other courses were bang on.  As was my steak which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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