Monday, 21 November 2016

Expensive 50ps

There are a number of 50 pence coins currently in circulation, ranging from ‘uncommon’ to ‘extremely rare’ and depending on the kind you have in your possession might be the difference between Nandos-meal rich or new car rich.
Here are five 50 pence coins you should definitely look out for in your purse:

WWF 50p

Picture: waldopepper/Flickr

This special edition 2011 WWF coin is selling on eBay for up to £200.

The EC Commemorative 50p

Picture: Royal Mint

Our pending exit from the EU makes these coins all the more ironic: they were made to commemorate the British presidency of the council of Europe. While they’re not worth hundreds, you could probably sell it for upwards £20. 

Kew Gardens 50p

Picture: Royal Mint

This design was released in conjunction with Kew Gardens’ 50th anniversary. They can go for £50 or more. 

The Offside Rule 50p

Picture: Royal Mint

At £10, these special edition 50 pence coins illustrating the Offside Rule will definitely get you a meal at Nandos.

London 2012 Olympics 50p

Picture: Huel Chiang Tsal/Flickr


There were only 600 of these coins made for the 2012 Olympics and people are selling their sets for as much as £3,000. One coin alone can fetch for a three-digit price. 

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