Thursday, 24 November 2016


A new bill will if successful ban huge swaths of sex acts from UK porn.
The Digital Economy Bill looks to ban anything that wouldn’t be allowed on a commercially available DVD. That seems to limit adult content in a number of ways, banning things including female ejaculation and the sight of menstrual blood from all pornographic videos.
While there are no strict guidelines as to what acts and images can’t be shown on commercial DVDs, adult film producers have found that they have had to cut almost all kinds of non-conventional videos from their films.
Such restrictions include the “four-finger rule”, for instance, which limits the number of digits that can be placed into any orifice while on video.
The British Board of Film Classification’s (BBFC) guidelines give a non-exhaustive list of all of the things that will not be accepted in R18 – the regulators’ highest restriction and the one that all porn shown to users in the UK must now satisfy.
They include rules about “penetration by any object associated with violence”, for instance. They also ban any sexual act deemed “obscene” under the Obscene Publications Act, which was passed in 1959.
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