Thursday, 24 November 2016

An American Tradition- 1

Keep the living room clean for the holiday

Keep the living room clean for the holiday
Mom Michele Keylor is attempting to avoid the stress of having to get the house ready for Thanksgiving, only to have her kids mess it up before the guests even arrive. So, she decided to do something unconventional — on November 5, she cleaned the living room, then blocked it off with tape and a well-placed sign which reads, “This room has been cleaned for the holidays and is officially CLOSED until Thanksgiving." 

Her son, Nick Denbow, 17, tweeted an image of the barricaded room with the caption, “Okay how (is) my mom just gonna close down the living room for a month?” It quickly became a viral hit, with over 35,000 likes and counting.

Invite a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner

Invite a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner
Give thanks and share the bounty with a perfect stranger, like this grandmother plans to do after sending an accidental text. 

17-year-old Jamil Hinton received a text from an unknown number inviting him to to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with "Amanda" and "Justin," but when he asked who the text was from, the sender (Wanda Dench) just identified herself as "your grandma."

Jamil thought it was HIS grandma, but asked for a photo to verify. What he received as a bit of a surprise — the photo was of someone else's grandma, so he responded with his own selfie and a cheeky, "You not my grandma. Can I still get a plate tho?" He received an unexpected reply: "Of course you can. That's what grandma's do...feed everyone." 

Dench had no clue Jamil had posted their exchange online. It went viral and she had to change her number after receiving more than 600 text messages and dozens of voicemails. “At first I thought, ‘Well, this is annoying,' until I started reading some of the people's texts. Strangers wrote, 'Thank you so much, you're such a kind person to let this young man into your home,' she said. “I thought ‘Oh, my gosh! I think this may be a little more important than what I thought it was.'"

The duo met in person and Dench formally invited Jamil and his family to Thanksgiving dinner. He accepted. (Source | Photo)

Create a family heirloom

Create a family heirloom
In 2000, Deb Mills of Clinton, Missouri began the holiday tradition of having each person who joins her family's Thanksgiving dinner sign her white tablecloth. Mills said of the tradition, "Back in 2000, I got out this plain white tablecloth and put it on the table, and my teenage kids looked at me like I was crazy when I said, ‘I want you to sign it.' Then a few years later, the [grandchildren] came along, and now we have 16 years of memories on the tablecloth.”

One memory that is most sacred and special —the signature of the Mills' daughter Mary, who died suddenly of a ruptured aneurysm in 2013 at the age of 44. (Source)


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