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Next Stop Bangkok

That's about it for this session.  We won't be on air until we get back home to Bangers and we're not sure exactly when that will be due to jet lag, unpacking, meeting up with K & D, catching up with Chang and generally settling back into our usual routine.

Except it won't be as we have Shaz arriving on Friday, Julie the Monday after and then it's wifey's birthday party.

We will be back on the Blog intermittently throughout December and then it's going to the new look, new style and new content Blog for 2016.

See you soon.

Just as we Get Ready to Fly

Most are pretty obvious or already known, but more cabin staff talk from TInd:

Pilots eat different food
While you may be handed a tray of indistinguishable food, a pilot is given a separate specially prepared meal to ensure they don't get ill.
The little black box isn't indestructible 
Despite what films may have you believe, the black box can be destroyed through extreme pressure and fire, like most man made materials. 
There's a secret code for a hijacking
If a plane lands after being hijacked, the pilots will leave the wing flaps up (the ones used to slow the plane down as they land), this is a signal that something is awry.
You will pass out if you don't use your oxygen mask
This may sound like common sense, but if the cabin loses oxygen at altitude you will pass out in roughly 15-30 seconds if you don't put your oxygen mask on.
Don't drink the water on the plane
Unless the water came directly from a bottle then it's best to avoid it. As all of the water on a plane has been heavily treated with chemicals to ensure there are no germs present. This also applies to coffee and tea. 
There's no such thing as air traffic control delays
Most airports will have a plane landing or taking off on average every minute, meaning there is more often than not a lack of space for planes to land as the make their final approach. 
Major airline pilots are earning major bucks
If you become a pilot for a major airline you can expect to earn from £97,000 a year. 
The plane isn't that likely to crash mid-flight
The most common time for a plane to crash is during take off and landing. 
Turbulence isn't what you should worry about
An updraft is a current of rising air, normally found within a cloud. An updraft feels like hitting a speed bump at 500mph. Turbulence is nothing to worry about. 
Using electronics is ok
There has been no conclusive proof that using electronics on a plane interferes with them in anyway, but we wouldn't advise you to try it out, as otherwise you may find yourself in trouble with the staff. 
They'll forget about the seatbelt sign
Sometimes pilots will forget to turn off the seatbelt sign, even during smooth flight paths. 

All Gone Quiet

Christian groups have today come under fire for failing to sufficiently condemn the fanatical Christian terrorist who killed three people in Colorado yesterday.
Robert Lewis Dear, from North Carolina shot nine people and killed three others after he was compelled to do so by a strict interpretation of the Christian holy book ‘The Bible’.
Terrorism expert Simon Williams told us, “Robert Lewis Dear will have attended these so-called ‘Churches’, where fanatical groups will have preyed on the vulnerable and feeble-minded, looking to recruit him into their brand of extremism.
“Their holy book has passages that can be used to justify such violence, and in fact makes it sound like it’s your duty as a Christian – this is how they do it.
“I guarantee that Lewis Dear will have believed he was doing the ‘right thing’.
“We see this a lot with religious terrorists, they all feel like they’re driven by a higher power that is ultimately on their side.”
Others have called on all Christian groups to condemn the terrorist attack.
As one Colorado resident explained, “If you don’t publicly condemn him and his actions, then you’re basically a terrorist yourself. That’s how it works, right?
“If you stay silent, or don’t go in front of the world’s media to criticise him publicly where I can see it, then you are to blame for this fanatical religious terrorism.
“Wait, you’re saying you have sympathy for his religious views on those places that conduct abortions, just not his violent actions?
“Look, if The Sun happens to call you as part of a survey, I would suggest hanging up, as they could turn that sentiment into a very unsavoury headline.”

What child doesn't aspire to one day run their very own Death Star? Thanks to this bedding, they can pretend to fight the Rebel Alliance before they drift off into la-la land (or, you know, a galaxy far, far away). 
Snurk—which means snore in Dutch—is a Holland-based company known for its creative approach to bedtime. Ahead of the release ofStar Wars: The Force Awakens, the brand has created limited-edition bedding that's sure to wow any of the franchise's smaller fans. The twin-sized duvet cover and matching pillow case give the illusion that sleepy kids are dressed like Darth Vader, or Chewbacca, for those with a fear of the dark (side). Little ones can either pretend to be one of the characters, or snuggle them. It's hard not to feel safe when you're equipped with a light saber or accompanied by a furry sidekick. 

Floating Hotels- 3

Floating Hotel with Catamaran, Serbia

Floating Hotel with Catamaran, Serbia
A new design for a hotel may make remote waterways the next luxury travel destination.

The "Floating Hotel with Catamaran Apartments," by Salt & Water, an architecture and yacht design firm in Serbia, was recently named winner of the Millennium Yacht Design Awards and now has travelers itching to set sail in hard-to-reach rivers.

Each apartment or suite inside the water-based hotel is, in fact, a catamaran that can detach from the hotel dock and be navigated independently by its guest. The design allows access to smaller waterways that can't sustain cruise ships.

A cross between a boat and a cabin, each catamaran consists of a salon, a galley, a bathroom, a hall with storage space and a sleeping area, accommodating two to four people. Should the design take off, swimming, diving, fishing, and sunbathing will take place wherever one decides to moor a suite. (Source)

King Pacific Lodge, Canada

King Pacific Lodge, Canada
In the heart of the Canadian wilderness lies a luxury destination retreat located along the coast of British Columbia. King Pacific Lodge, a Rosewood Resort property is accessible only by floatplane. 

Open from May to October, and moored in the shelter of Barnard Harbour on Royal Princess Island, the floating lodge is surrounded by the Great Bear Rainforest, which is flanked by centuries-old cedar trees and brimming with wildlife. 

King Pacific Lodge is one of the most magnificent wilderness resorts on earth. Designed for absolute comfort, it features gourmet cuisine and deluxe accommodations in addition to its spectacular scenery. Opportunities abound to view humpback whales, orcas, bald eagles, sea lions, black bears, and, of course, the rare white Kermode bear. (Source)

Six Senses, Maldives

Six Senses, Maldives
Six Senses Laamu is the only resort on the virtually uncharted Laamu atoll in the Maldives, deep in the Indian Ocean. The island features outstanding natural beauty, powder white sand, lush tropical vegetation and crystal clear waters.

The luxury Maldives resort is a combination of on-land and over-water villas constructed of sustainable materials and set around the palm-fringed paradise. (Source)

Amazon Jungle Palace, Brazil

Amazon Jungle Palace, Brazil

The floating Amazon Jungle Palace is the first ecological and luxury hotel complex in the Brazilian rainforest. It is located on the bench of the Negro River, 10 miles away from the international airport. The complex has 65 apartments, and it's one of the only jungle hotels in the Amazon that has a modern water treatment system, and garbage collection, as well as being the first to present a Contingency Plan developed by researchers at UniNorte Laureate University Center. (Source)

Floating Hotels- 2

Aria Amazon, Peru

 Aria Amazon, Peru
The next hotel on our list offers guests the chance to cruise the Amazon River onboard a 147-foot-long (45-meter) floating hotel. Designed by Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, the M/V Aria is an intimate cruise ship that can accommodate a maximum of 32 passengers, plus crew. The unique accommodation offers a rare chance to observe the wonders of the Amazon region in Peru from an unobstructed vantage point.

The sleeping quarters of the M/V Aria consist of 16 suites, each featuring a lounge area and large panoramic river views. With the bed positioned to face out, travelers can get a look at a bird-eating spider or an anaconda—the world's largest snake. They might also be lucky enough to get a glimpse of an endangered pink dolphin, a three-toed sloth or even a black jaguar. (Source)

The Meridien Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The Meridien Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Le Meridien Bora Bora Hotel is located only nine kilometers from Bora Bora Airport in French Polynesia. The hotel sits on a coral reef facing Bora Bora and is reached by a 15-minute boat ride from the airport.

The hotel offers luxurious beach bungalows built on a pristine beach, glass-bottomed bungalows built on stilts planted in the ocean, and premium bungalows overlooking the lagoon. 

Located just 240 kilometers from Tahiti in the Leeward Society Islands, Bora Bora is home to many interesting attractions. A 29-kilometer road circles the island passing archeological sites, World War II army bunkers, and colorful villages. (Source)

The Manta Resort in Zanzibar, Africa

The Manta Resort in Zanzibar, Africa
The Manta Resort's main attraction is it Underwater Room, a three-floor suite that floats within a thriving coral reef and boasts a submerged master bedroom, which is surrounded by windows for viewing the local sea life.

Located on the tropical Pemba Island in Zanzibar, Tanzania, the top two floors of the Underwater Room rest above the surface of the water, while the bedroom sits four meters beneath. (Source)

Floating Hotels- 1

Cocoa Island, Maldives

Cocoa Island, Maldives
Simple yet sophisticated, contemporary yet indigenous, and always deliberately restrained—Cocoa Island by COMO is a luxury hotel that reflects the archipelago's serene soul.

The style and design of these 33 overwater suites and villas are like that of no other luxury resort in the Maldives. Uniquely inspired by dhoni boats—the gently curving wooden vessels used by local fishermen—the rooms arc out from the island itself. Simple wooden walkways built above the shallow lagoon connect them, forming a sinuous boardwalk pathway. 

Each room has a private terrace, all the better for slipping into the warm Maldivian sea, right from your room. The view from the wide platform is directly out to the watery expanse and horizon. Interiors are dominated by whites and blues, with only a subtle nod to the local rustic aesthetic. (Source)

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, Panama

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, Panama
Located on a remote coral peninsula of Isla Colon, Punta Caracol is a stunning, albeit slightly weathered, paradisaical retreat. The exclusive community contains nine cabanas, a boathouse and a restaurant that are built entirely over the water in harmony with the serene natural environment. The resort is probably the most expensive option in the Bocas del Toro area. (Source)

The Float House River Kwai Resort, Thailand

The Float House River Kwai Resort, Thailand
The Float House River Kwai is compromised of bungalows that appear as though they are floating above the famous Khwae Noi in Thailand. The 18 villas are constructed from bamboo and teakwood and offer a truly traditional Thai experience. There are many excursions in the area, from elephant riding and canoeing to visiting an indigenous Mon village and exploring the nearby temple. (Source | Photo)



I would rather be a coward than brave because people hurt you when you are brave.
E M Forsteras a small child
British novelist (1879 - 1970)


Road rage


Aggressively argumentative, and sometimes violent, behaviour indulged in by drivers when annoyed by other road users' actions.


'Road rage' appears to have been coined in the USA in the 1980s. Several citations of it exist from that time and place, for example, this from the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times, 2nd April 1988:
"A fit of 'road rage' has landed a man in jail, accused of shooting a woman passenger who's [sic] car had 'cut him off' on the highway."
A rival newspaper, the Ocala Star-Banner, ran the story on the same day and they included a quotation from a police officer:
"It was just a traffic incident that sparked the whole thing." Police Chief Bob Roberts said of the shooting. He said the suspect had [a] simple case of 'road rage'.
It doesn't seem likely that Roberts coined the term - the enclosing quotation marks around the phrase are an indication that it was already known, but not necessarily known to all the paper's readers, in 1988.
road rageThe term, and the behaviour, stayed in America for several years before migrating elsewhere. It wasn't seen in the UK, or at least it wasn't reported as 'road rage', until the 1990s. John Cleese demonstrated an excellent precursor to it in Faulty Towers in 1974, albeit getting angry with the car rather than another motorist..
This piece appeared in June 1994 in The Sunday Times (London):
"It was an amazing sight for motorists stuck in traffic in the north London suburb of Hendon. After cars had jockeyed for last-minute advantage, they watched as a leading member of Britain's orthodox Jews leaped out of his gold Mercedes and punched a Buddhist monk sitting at the wheel of a Nissan Micra. The attack earned David Schreiber, an elder of the United Synagogue, a fine and convictions for assault and threatening behaviour. It also placed him among the growing numbers of ordinary British people caught up in 'road rage', a problem that police, motoring organisations and psychologists say is sweeping the country."
'Road rage' is now worldwide, both as a name and as a behaviour. The name at least is popular enough to have spawned imitators. Following Watergate, every scandal is now xxx-gate. Likewise, whenever anyone becomes argumentative about something, it is 'something rage'; for example 'air rage' - the misbehaviour of unruly aircraft passengers. Most airlines now provide information leaflets on how best to avoid this. There was even an 'Air Rage' feature film made in 2001. There is also 'trolley rage' - arguments over supermarket trolleys, and 'lounger' rage at pool sides. Road rage is less common, or at least it is less commonly reported. Possibly because motorists are controlling their stress better or, more probably, because it is no longer considered newsworthy. A more recent favourite, especially in the UK, is 'bin rage'. Here's an example, printed in theBristol Evening Post, July 2001:
"A man who admitted in court he suffered an attack of 'bin rage' when binmen failed to collect rubbish from his girlfriend's house has been cleared of attacking two refuse collectors."
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Moving up1Man City141629
Moving down2Leicester14829
Moving down3Man Utd141028
No movement4Arsenal131226
No movement5Tottenham131324
Moving up6Crystal Palace14522
No movement7Everton14821
Moving down8West Ham13421
Moving down9Southampton14320
Moving down10Liverpool13220
Moving up11Watford14-119
Moving down12Stoke14-319
Moving down13West Brom13-517
No movement14Swansea13-414
No movement15Chelsea13-614
No movement16Norwich13-812
Moving up17Sunderland14-1012
Moving up18Bournemouth14-1310
Moving down19Newcastle14-1610
No movement20Aston Villa14-155

Spurs v Chelsea

  • Tottenham's 5-3 win against Chelsea on New Year's Day is their only victory in their last 12 league and cup games against the Blues (D5, L6).
  • That result is only the second time a Jose Mourinho-led side has conceded five times (his Real Madrid team lost 5-0 to Barcelona in 2010).
  • Mourinho is without a win in his last three visits to White Hart Lane (D1, L2).
Tottenham Hotspur
  • Tottenham are unbeaten in their last 12 league games. If they avoid defeat on Sunday it will be their best run since a 14-match streak between November 1984 and March 1985.
  • Spurs have scored at least three goals in three of their last four league games at White Hart Lane.
  • They have lost just two of their last 20 league games at home (W12, D6).
  • Tottenham and Manchester United are the only sides yet to lose at home in this season's Premier League.
  • Harry Kane has scored 12 times in 14 Premier League games against London opposition.
  • The Blues have the chance to win back-to-back league games for the first time this season.
  • They have earned four Premier League points away from home this season (W1, D1, L4). Only Aston Villa, with three points, have a lower tally.
  • Eden Hazard has scored in his last three Premier League appearances against Spurs.


Surprised Too

Tyson Fury beats Klitschko on points, with a unanimous points decision to take one of the million heavyweight world boxing titles.  Hold on her wins three belts, the WBA, the IBF and the WBO.  Good luck to him, I didn't think he'd make it.

Big Games Today

I'd even settle for a point, if we can't win.