Friday, 31 January 2014

Flag Quiz Answers

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    1. Which European country did these three stripes fly over until 1919?
    Correct answer: Germany
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    2. Where put a lion on red, gold and green?
    Correct answer: Ethiopia
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    3. The wavy design was in use for which archipelago nation from 1977 to 1996?
    Correct answer: Seychelles
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    4. Where had this as its first flag (before deciding better of one of the components)?
    Correct answer: United States
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    5. This flag was retired in 1994. Where had it flown since the 1920s?
    Correct answer: South Africa
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    6. Over the territory of which state would you once have seen this flag?
    Correct answer: China
    You answered: Bolivia
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    7. Where flew a crescent and stars on green until 1958?
    Correct answer: Egypt
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    8. Where was this the national flag up to 1965?
    Correct answer: Canada
    You answered: Trinidad and Tobago
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    9. Which country ditched this crown?
    Correct answer: Brazil
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    10. Which country flew this flag in its final days of monarchy?
    Correct answer: Portugal
    You answered: Greece
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    Calvin and Hobbes

    Can't Believe That

    German beer sales have sunk to their lowest level since reunification almost 25 years ago, as drinkers increasingly turn to mixed drinks and non-alcoholic beers.
    In 2013 German brewers sold 9.46 billion litres of beer, the Federal Statistics Office, Destatis, said on Thursday.
    That represented a fall of two percent on 2012 and was the seventh straight year that German beer sales have fallen.
    “The sustained decline since 2007 continued further,” Destatis said in a statement.
    Germans drunk 7.97 billion litres of the 9.46 billion litres produced, a decline of 1.7 percent.
    Brewers blamed the mixed weather of 2013 and the ageing population for the fall.
    Last summer the country’s brewers saw a slight boost in beer sales, but the overall picture is bleak. 
    However, one area where sales have increased is less alcoholic beers. 
    Beer mixed with soft drinks and alcohol-free beers are growing in popularity, Destatis said, representing 4.5 percent of beer sales in 2013 compared to 1.9 percent the year before.
    The Local



    Whoa There

    It’s the Lunar New Year and the Chinese Year of the Horse. The horse is part of a 12-year-cycle of animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. These interact with the five elements: wood, metal, fire, water, earth. 2014 is the year of the wood horse, taking over from the year of the water snake.

    It will be a fast year full of conflicts according to some astrologers, who see wood as providing fuel for the energetic horse sign. The later part of the year is “yin fire”, increasing the potential for heated clashes even more. Feng shui practitioner Raymond Lo told Reuters: “The upcoming Horse year is also a 'yang wood' year, when people will stick more to their principles and stand firm. So it is hard to negotiate or compromise as there are more tendencies for people to fight for their ideals.”

    If you have a business involving wood or fire you will do well, according to Canadian Feng Shui expert Paul Ng. This includes lumber companies, agriculture and media companies. Property companies won’t do as well and as the horse is a galloper, the potential is for the prices to gallop downwards over the first six months. However, supported by the fire element in the latter half of the year they may gallop back up, according to Lynn Yap, Singapore’s Feng Shui Queen. Metals and waters will do badly: this will affect metal mining and precious metals as well as fishing. Financial business also have the potential to be unstable. We could have predicted that one though.

    Countries in the Southern Hemisphere, like South Australia and South America may experience gunfire as well as volcanoes, because “ the fire energies are so strong” according to Chinese astrologer and Sydney Feng Shui master Lok Tin, who spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about his predictions for the coming 12 months.

    When horse meets horse, the natural Ying-Yang opposition is no longer balanced and thus over the next year horses are due some tense situations and pressure in their personal life. However Foon Chik, of the Feng Shui Society says it is not that simple and meeting your own sign can be a time for self-reflection.

    Well, what animal you are depends on what year you were born in and how the characteristics of this creature interact with the horse.


    Happy New Year

    Today is New Year's Eve for the people of China and we wish them all a spanking good "Year of the Horse".

    We're lucky in Thailand in that we get to celebrate three new years.

    Our traditional on on 31st December, the Chinese New Year on 31st January and then we have the Thai/Buddhist one on 13th April- Songkran.

    Anyway, happy new year to each and everyone of you.

    Past Patents- 2

    4. Jack-o’-lantern Helmet, 1903

    Jack-o'-lantern Helmet , 1903
    U.S. Patent No. 737,371 / Via
    Not sure when the “jack-o’-lantern” shifted from this flammable nightmare hat of racial insensitivity into our modern decorative pumpkin, but it’s probably good that it did.

    3. Face Mask For Treating The Skin, 1893

    Face Mask For Treating The Skin , 1893
    U.S. Patent No. 495,265
    This mask was intended to “remove complexional disorders” which I guess isn’t thatdifferent from some of the face masks we use today hahahaha JK kill me please.

    2. Electrical Body Wear, 1889

    Electrical Body Wear , 1889
    U.S. Patent No. 396,212 / Via
    No getting around the fact that this is straight-up a machine for electrocuting a dude’s nighttime boner away.

    1. Device For Indicating Life In Buried Persons, 1882

    Device For Indicating Life In Buried Persons , 1882
    U.S. Patent No. 268,693 / Via
    “It will be seen that if the person buried should come to life a motion of his hands will turn the branches of the T-shaped pipe B […] and the cover E will turn and the index will show on the scale that it has been turned. If the person should turn in the coffin or make a violent motion, he will push the pipe B upward and push the cover off the top of the box. A supply of air enters the coffin through the pipe and will keep him alive till help arrives.”
    Sweet dreams, everybody.

    Past Patents- 1

    9. Bathing Apparatus, 1902

    Bathing Apparatus , 1902
    U.S. Patent No. 714,659 / Via
    Not actually a method of displaying disembodied heads, the Bathing Apparatus turned an “ordinary bath-tub commonly found in houses” into a steam or vapor bath. Sounds great! Very relaxing. Except, of course, that you’re trapped in a tiny enclosed space with a “suitable vaporizing apparatus” which is more likely giving you third degree burns than it is any sense of serenity.

    8. Combined Plow and Gun, 1862

    Combined Plow and Gun , 1862
    U.S. Patent No. 35,600 / Via
    Ok, sure, just one tiny question: why?

    7. Creeping Doll, 1871

    Creeping Doll , 1871
    U.S. Patent No. 112,550 / Via
    Pretty sure this was an episode of The Twilight Zone, and pretty sure it ended in murder.

    6. Improved Fire Escape, 1879

    Improved Fire Escape , 1879
    U.S. Patent 221,855 / Via
    Ohhh, ok, so not “fire escape” as in the physical structure outside your window. “Fire escape” as in the act of escaping fire via parachute hat and platform elastic shoes? My mistake.

    5. Airtight Coffin of Cast or Raised Metal, 1848

    Airtight Coffin of Cast or Raised Metal , 1848
    U.S. Patent No. 5,920 / Via
    Because regular coffins left too much up to the imagination, and what they needed was to be tightly molded to the shape of the deceased, featuring a viewing window over the head, and with a tendency to explode.
    Buzz Feed


    The person who invented the door knocker has won the No-Bell Prize.


    The tune for the “A - B - C” song is the same as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"...

    In With a Shout?

    Jon Snow is still weighing up his chances of having sex with an eighteen year old lap dancer whom he interviewed for Channel 4 News.
    Snow met pretty Kimberley Egerton in the West End’s Spearmint Rhino branch where he was doing a feature on exploitation in the workplace.
    While posing with his camera crew the newsreader’s attention was caught by lithe-limbed Egerton who was performing contortions around a thick metal pole.
    “As our eyes met I felt a surge of energy,” said Snow, “Although I can’t rule out static from the couch I was sat on.”
    “Kimberley seemed really interested in the work I do and put me at ease straight away. She told me she was only lap dancing to fund her degree course. So not your average trollop.”
    “What seemed really significant is how Kim maintained eye contact throughout the five-minute dance and on several occasions leaned in really close so I could feel her breath on my cheek.”
    “There was a real intimacy there which remained undiminished despite the cat-calls from the rest of the news crew.”

    Jon Snow’s lapdance

    Unfortunately for Snow, his enjoyment was curtailed by bouncers who found him in breach of house rules after his cheek accidentally grazed Ms Egerton’s left nipple.
    “As several blows rained down on me, Kim showed real concern for my plight – even asking me if I was alright before pressured to dance by another punter.”
    “There was a real deep connection there, almost spiritual you might say – one which I felt had nothing to do with my highly paid job in television.”
    Snow added, “I can’t wait to invite her back on the programme to show her this tattoo I’ve had done with her name on it.”
    “Actually I hope to Christ that’s her real name because I’m going to look like a right twat if it isn’t.”

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    Flying the Flag

    You may need to visit the original article at TG, but cop for this flag quiz.  Answers will appear on here at 10:00 (Bangkok time)

    1. 1.Which European country did these three stripes fly over until 1919?
      German flag, 1871-1919
    2. 2.Where put a lion on red, gold and green?
      Ethiopia flag, 1897-1936
    3. 3.The wavy design was in use for which archipelago nation from 1977 to 1996?
      Seychelles flag, 1977
    4. 4.Where had this as its first flag (before deciding better of one of the components)?
      United States flag, 1776-77
    5. 5.This flag was retired in 1994. Where had it flown since the 1920s?
      South Africa flag, 1928-1994
    6. 6.Over the territory of which state would you once have seen this flag?
      China flag, 1912-28
    7. 7.Where flew a crescent and stars on green until 1958?
      Egypt flag, 1922-1958
    8. 8.Where was this the national flag up to 1965?
      Canadian flag, 1957-65
    9. 9.Which country ditched this crown?
      Brazil flag, 1870-89
    10. 10.Which country flew this flag in its final days of monarchy?
      Portugal flag, 1830-1910