Saturday, 16 March 2013

Another Whinge

Clearly it wasn't down to Carnival that we weren't able to land at Fortaleza but aside from refunding our port duty (which they had a legal requirement to) they have hardly made any effort to offer us any real kind of alternative entertainment.

Their hastily revised programme included a repeat of the previous night's passenger "talent" competition (such high calibre skills displayed probably included tying up one's own shoe laces, blowing one's nose to the tune of My Old Man and sticking a pencil up one's nose; all of which will bring forth a round of hearty applause no doubt), bingo and towel folding (you can buy the book for $24.99 from the Duty Free shops).

We have lost all TV channels due to a lack of satellite transmission coverage aside from Discovery but not only are they all repeated from day to day, we have seen each exact episode on  our previous cruise.

Their "complimentary" movie channel is the only other viewing option but unless you want to lay out over ten Dollars a movie, you're stuck with the two we saw right at the beginning (each has already been on three times in ten days) of our holiday or Jurassic Park.  How old is that now?

The evening shows are probably fine if you like singing and dancing (I don't) or van bear to be in the company of loud-mouthed morons who laugh at their own farts (OK, that is still funny).

Would it really kill Carnival to spring for a few more movies on the house?  Obviously it would as I've just seen tonight's "première" and while it is not a repeat, it's Harry Potter.  

The first one...


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