Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Always the Same

The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) Union has rejected an offer of up to £500 bonus for Tube staff to work during the Olympics, saying that there were too many strings attached to the proposed deal.

The union also announced it is to ballot hundreds of administrative staff it represents at Transport for London (TfL) for industrial action over "severely restricted" annual leave during the Games this summer.  Officials claimed that leave had been banned altogether for the duration of the Games in one department, saying this would make life "impossible" for many staff, especially those with school-age children.

That I agree is unreasonable (particularly as I hear the Government is considering banning parents from taking kids on holiday during term time) but why the need to be paid a bonus for doing your job?

Apparently, it's because they will have to work extra or longer shifts, change working arrangements and be under increased pressure because of the huge numbers of sports fans travelling in London this summer.

Sounds like bollocks to me and it comes across as holding companies to ransom.

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