Monday, 31 October 2011

Lacking Training?

A burd Plod officer who hit her head on a cabinet after the back of chair snapped off received £10 000 compensation, latest figures show.  Another Dibble was paid £5 000 after slipping on a wet patch in a bog.   The figures have been released following a request under the Freedom of Information Act and show the Farce has paid out £45 894 since 2006.  Doesn't sound like much, why the fuss?

Other incidents include:

* A Public Protection Officer who burnt his hand in flames at training course at RAF Cosford- £4 875
* A Response Volume Crime Officer received a knee injury after he lost control approaching a corner- £1 600
* A Response Officer put his hand through a pane of glass while running out of a station on a 999 call- £2 052
* A Central Ticket Office staff member claimed that complaints about backache and an "uncomfortable workstation" were not addressed- £1 000
* A Crime Desk Investigation staff member slipped on wet floor in toilet and hurt her back- £5 000.


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