Friday, 31 December 2010

Still Shite

I thought perhaps, maybe Air Asia have sorted out their website for on-line bookings after recently having successfully picked up a few flights.  Erm, no.

The site is just as piss poor as before and once again we have been kicked out and now blocked.  No doubt it will take several days before we can pursue our access and by then prices will probably have risen.  (We figured if we book before the new year it may be cheaper.)

Anyway, we are currently stuck in KL after flying in from Colombo, Sri Lanka and need to get to Bangkok and then we need a return trip to Siem Reap (via Phnom Penh) to meet up with Duncan before our final two month stint in Thailand.

Bloody bollocks is what I say to their rubbish site- although luckily it is a completely different situation with their flights and services in person.

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