Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Relaxed Dinner

As we are docking overnight, the restaurant announced that they would be having a "sit where you please" evening and so I got into my long strides (for the second time this cruise) and we did the "proper" dinner thing.  As ever the food was first class and so was the company; a delightful elderly lady who had just celebrated her 74th birthday, the day before.

We had great dinner conversation and aside from her insisting that any time we passing Wogga-Wogga (sp?) she would gladly put us up for as long as we wanted, she told us tales of her previous cruises.  By the sounds of it she's covered almost the entire world and loves it.

Unfortunately she travels on her own and after my mishearing that her husband had "moved on" and thinking he'd karked it, it turned out he left her after fifty years of marriage and since then, she's been having a ball.  What a top chick and if that's not inspiration to travel, what on earth is?  :o)

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