Tuesday, 30 March 2010

More Security Nonsense

As the dock in Burnie we have moored up in is a "working" one, we are not permitted to walk through it.  Instead, we are herded like school children into a shuttle bus that takes us around the houses and sets us off in the town centre.  It takes about fifteen minutes but to walk would take less than five.  Go figure...

Anyway, on the way back we are stopped outside the harbour perimeter and we then had the fiasco of watching guards check out the underside bus with sniffer dogs, while equally fat (sorry, burly) blurks came marching on and requesting that they see our cruise cards.

This whole charade was then repeated once we arrived at the boat, thirty seconds later, when another team of c(r)ack SWAT militia stormed our little mini bus to check for illegals, bombs, a packet of crisps.

The best thing about this? Burnie has a population of 19 000, give or take 500 either side.

This security bollocks is starting to wear a bit thin now...

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