Sunday, 28 March 2010

Adelaide The Free

Unlike most of Eastern Australia, the settlers in Adelaide weren't crims but religious dissenters and free of all Plod records. Which is why the guys in white hats were determined to stand apart from the rest of the country and establish a more sophisticated and cultural environment.

Colonel William Light was the architect of the town and he situated it along side the River Torrens around 1840. Due to the number of religious folk, numerous churches were built; so many in fact, that Adelaide is referred to as the City of Churches and has around 100 of them in its vicinity.

It is Australia's fourth largest city and currently has a population of 1.1 million. Nearby you'll see “The Mount Lofty Summit” which has imaginatively been likened to Adelaide's Mount Everest. It also was one of the first settlements to have a judicial system and its own Copper Farce.

We really liked the place and hopefully we'll be uploading some pictures shortly to give you a taste.

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