Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Skycouch


After two years of R & D, the world's first economy "lie flat bed" for passengers has been unveiled by Air New Zealand.

From next April, those flying economy from London Heathrow to Auckland will be able to put it to the test on the mind numbingly long 26 hour journey.  It takes up no more space than a conventional economy seat, so the airline will not lose passenger numbers; although a couple will have to buy a third ticket at half the standard fare to be able to lie together.

The bed is activated on rows of three seats, which look like standard economy seating until a button on the armrest is pressed. This raises what looks like an elongated foot rest, which becomes a mattress panel abutting the seat in front. Passengers can then sleep across the cabin, with two adults just about able to lie shoulder to shoulder.

Shame it won't be an option for us- we're looking at Air New Zealand for our transfer from Sydney to Auckland for our tour of New Zealand.  Then again, it's not 26 hours for the flight either.  Thankfully.

More at TTimes.

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