Saturday, 31 October 2009

Catching Up on Capital

We haven't been listening as much to our favourite British radio station as we've either been out in the afternoon (so when the Breakfast Show airs, as we're GMT + 7), the not much current music is all a bit arse and live streaming can be a bit ropey on occasion, which gets a bit frustrating when it's buffering.

However, the last few days we've been tuning in and it's so odd to hear the news being read out, the local weather conditions and generally stuff that we used to live with on a day to day basis. It's "nice" in a familiar way, but one thing we certainly haven't missed is the Christmas run in that is already in full swing, despite it still being October.

Here, we haven't the first idea it's the festive season approaching (the locals don't bother anyway) and we much prefer this to endless unimaginative Slade/Jonah Lewie/Jingle Bells re-runs which clog up the aural waves.

And chart music is still utter shite btw. :o)

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