Saturday, 31 January 2009

What a Load of Cobblers

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The above stilettos are designed by Bruno Frisoni, the creative director of the French luxury cobblers.

They feature an assortment of luxuries such as 24 ct gold-coated mesh, semi-precious stones, jet, satin ribbons, silk chiffon, diamanté and crocodile skin fashioned into dainty rosettes.

The "Dovima", an 11cm, spike-heeled confection of gilded silk mesh and jewels, is embellished with a pair of rose pink-dyed, taxidermy birds with gold and crystal heads.

And they'll set you back a whopping £30 000...


  1. 2-3 months for delivery, apparently.

  2. In that case , forget it ! The 'do' is tonight :)

  3. You would be "done" if you bought a pair.

  4. You mean after I break my boobs trying to walk on those critters !?

  5. Never mind sports bra, I'd need one of those Madonna-type cone bras to deflect the upward rush of the sidewalk!


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