Friday, 30 January 2009

New to Me

Out with the northern contingency of the family last night, it once again highlighted the wonders of the "English" language. I'd never come across the term "marra" and was told it meant "mate". Lo and behold, taken from Urban Dictionary:

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West cumbrian slang, roughly translates to 'Mate'. Highly underused word outside of the glorious Cumbria...Spread the word, its fucking great marra!
Alreet marra, whats the crack, like
by The Marra Mar 19, 2004 share this 1 comment
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the slang word in cumbrian to say mate or friend
asser marra whens'oo ga'an yam
by sheiky Sep 8, 2005 share this add comment
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Cumbrian word for friend or 'mate'. Originates from the way marrows are grown in a field, lined up next to each other closely, as if they were friends.
Allrite Marra, hows ya doing?

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