Friday, 28 November 2008

I Already Spy With My Little Eye...Next Week

CCTV cameras which predict crimes before they have been committed are to be introduced into the UK, with the cameras able to monitor people's movements and then alert the police or security staff to suspicious activity. Officers or security guards can then confront a suspect before a crime is committed.

I kid you not, this is taken from the article in TTel, and it seems to think it is different to current CCTV cameras! What is so new about using a camera to spy on people and then sending in Dibble? (Except of course that the Rozzers have shut up shop and only work during office hours.)

The software "transforms" CCTV cameras from being recorders of crime to taking a proactive role in preventing crime by typically the dividing the images into people, vehicles and background. If someone is seen to loiter in an area for too long, it alerts security guards and the police. The cameras can pick up a car going too fast or people coming together in known drug-dealing areas.

How does this predict crime? It merely alerts security forces to potential crimes, just as it does now.

Utter cobblers with more snake oil merchants peddling their wares on the gullible.

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