Thursday, 28 August 2008

Being Lazy

Yes, me. Shockingly lazy, if you can believe that, but I couldn't be bothered to shave today and so went to our local barber who was advertising shaves for a just dollar.

(Cue age old gag where blurk goes in and asks how much for a hair cut? A tenner is the reply, to which he enquires how much for a shave and is told it's a fiver. The punch line is that he asks to have his head shaved...boom boom.)

Which is exactly what I did; complete shave, head and all for the massive cost of three bucks.

It feels really weird to have a shaved skull as opposed to a number zero with the clippers, but at that price it was too good to resist and means I can continue with my lazy streak/less energetic mode for at least another fortnight.

Have to say though, that once again I am left disappointed at the closeness of a third party cut-throat shave. They never get as close as I can as they don't shave against the grain. Back to the Bics tomorrow for me then.


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