Saturday, 30 August 2008

Arriving Back at Our Room

We'd asked for our room to be made up during our absence for the first time since we moved in and it was a real treat to have fresh towels and bedding. Not that I've been using the sheets at all; since arriving in Asia I have simply been sleeping on top of the bed clothes as it is far more comfortable and far too warm to get entangled in sheets and whatnot.

The first thing we realised as we entered was how hot it was.

We always leave the curtains drawn to keep heat out, but since house keeping had been in, they had dutifully left all the curtains open. We have glazing on all exterior walls and the windows are particularly large (a patio door leads onto the balcony and the entire side is glass), which act like a green house.

For the first time our thermometer read thirty degrees centigrade!

Air con on full, ceiling fan on turbo and bask in the artificial coolness with a bottle of chilled water from the fridge. They always leave a couple of bottle of drinking water for you, free of charge here. Nice touch.

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