Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Oh, The Irony

With Team Eng-er-land and the other British Isles out of the Euro 2008 Finals, you'd be excused for thinking that it's not going to hold much interest for the UK public. Particularly, the non-football fans.

However, as mentioned before, both the BBC & ITV plan to show at least 30 hours of football in prime-time evening slots (they actually have no choice, European legislation requires that major football tournaments are broadcast on free-to-air television) so there won't be much escape or choice.

But get this, the BBC is planning to send Steve McClaren, who will be paid to offer “expert analysis” for listeners to BBC Radio 5.

If he was that much of an expert, he'd have taken his team there.

McClaren was given a £2.5 million pay-off after getting dumped 18 months into a four-year contract, following the 3-2 defeat to Croatia which saw England fail to make the Finals.

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