Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Lost at Sea

The ship’s maiden voyage after its full refurbishment over the winter months and it seems to be besieged with teething problems. Since we’ve boarded, there have been continual queues at the reception desk to lodge complaints and vent spleens and I have to say the staff has responded with a professionalism to be proud of.

We too have had cause to seek out their assistance when we requested a change of cabin.

It would seem that our original room was situated directly over the engine room and we were subjected to a mechanical/pneumatic pump that whined into life every 30 seconds for 10 seconds before announcing its shut down with an almighty clank.

Unacceptable, and after trying to get some kip we gave up and made our request for a relocation.

It seems that this was not going to be possible as they were fully booked.

Not the best way to open dialogue when confronted with two sleep deprived travellers and to cut a long story short, after meeting with the Chief Bursar (who seemed rather reluctant to help until I asked to take his name as I was going to discuss this further with Stelios, the owner of easyCruise, who is also on board to oversee things for the first sailing) we are now in our second kip pod and can happily report we are bright eyed and bushy tailed once more.

Don’t you just love name-dropping?

Other than that, we’ve thoroughly enjoying the experience. By following a few basic rules, such as don’t pay for anything on board if you can avoid it, wait until you dock and go to local places for food and drink, it’s been top fun, and of course the bonus is that we see a new island everyday.

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