Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I Can’t Take It Anymore

FFS (go look up the meaning, this is a family show after all)- since I’ve started this posting session, about an hour or so, I’ve not only had to contend with CNN polluting my peace and serenity, but a lone American traveller who has taken it upon herself to bore to death the audience trying to watch the news.

Naturally she is informing all and sundry of her learned opinion on whom should be the next Prez-eeee-daynt of the Yoooo-Esssss-Ayyyyyyyyyyy, but how can anyone take her seriously when she is wearing checked shorts, lime green socks with Hush Puppies and a broad-striped shirt? She is also sitting in two chairs (one for each mammoth buttock) and insisting on regaling the now near suicidal captives how she once met an ex-vice-president and her recollections of 9/11.

Look pet, it’s 11th September, not 9/11, we don’t give a stuff on who the next pres is going to be, (although I favour the black dude, he’ll have natural rhythm) and your offensive attire should be confined to a locked cabin.

Nah, I can’t take any more. I’m off to the Sun Deck to watch as we approach our island of the day, Paros.

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