Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Four Grand to Stand? Madness

A train passenger was given a £69 on-the-spot fine for standing in a first-class luggage area because there was no room in second class. The young (27) lady who pays more than £4 000 for her annual rail season ticket is regularly forced to sit on the floor or stand outside a toilet as the train is so crowded.

She moved to the end of the first-class carriage and, rather than sit in one of the empty seats, stood in a luggage area with a young couple. She was seen by a guard who accepted her reason and took no action.

However, 10 minutes later two ticket inspectors ordered her to move and, when she said she could not, issued the fine. The "officials" refused to listen to arguments from passengers in first class, who said she had no choice as the train was full and then they called for assistance and two police officers boarded the train.

What a really brave pair of job's worths they are.

A National Express East Anglia spokesman said: "We will look into the circumstances and decide what action is appropriate."

Certainly the action that was taken was highly inappropriate and let's hope she wins her appeal.

Question: How can such an over crowded train comply with fire and other health and safety regulations? I'd be most keen to see what they have to say there...

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