Tuesday, 29 April 2008

999- No One In

A family with two young kids in Nottinghamshire, who dialled 999 when eight men wearing balaclavas burst into their home at 11.15 pm, were told by the police that they were too busy to come.

They ran upstairs when the men, one brandishing an axe, smashed the glass in a door that the father was trying to keep closed and burglar/thugs stripped the downstairs rooms of electrical items, before escaping in two cars.

The victims said: “The minute we knew these people were in the house we rang the police, but they said it would be at least half an hour before they could come out. No one from the police had turned up half an hour later, and when we rang again they said there was no one they could send.”

In a letter to the couple, the Chief Inspector said that they deserved an apology and confirmed that an inquiry was under way. How is that going to help?

And Plod wonder why they have such a piss poor rep?


  1. sta-testicles claim that the biggest reputation of even 98% in poland has a fire service.
    maybe because they haven't used it yet.

  2. originally the question was about which service they trust or not.

    but my experience with police was being noted down while being caught drunk with girlfriend in MacD, because the anonymous caller told we were doing drugs :D note i was 16 back then.
    and another one when i was being beaten by a skinhead on the street, and ola's mother called them. the patrol showed up pretty quickly and drove me around to see if i could recognize him somewhere.


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