Monday, 24 December 2007

Staying With the Green Theme

Despite official Government* advice to avoid flying within Britain, domestic air travel has risen by a third in recent years. In reply to demand, new routes are starting between destinations that are fewer than 200 miles apart and which are connected by rail and trunk roads.

If you've read the previous post (or the one after this as it always comes out arse about face), that is hardly surprising. Coupled with ridiculous costs of travelling by train and ever increasing fuel prices, it would take a moron* to suggest otherwise. An example? OK, try this: A return airline ticket in the morning peak time between London and Manchester costs as little as £80 while the standard class open return train fare is £230. And you don't have to book sixteen years in advance.

The only consideration our caring leaders have to the environment is how to spin it to their advantage and tax us even further.

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