Thursday, 27 December 2007

If Ever There was a Reason

For dumping the whole charade of knighthoods, it must be this; you can now be honoured for being an arse-kissing crawler.

Michael Parkinson who is somehow called a chat show host, and who thankfully retired this month, is to be knighted in the New Year Honours.

It serves you all right, particularly as Mrs BLiar is up for some kind of Mickey Mouse badge too.


  1. after watching "the queen" movie last year, talking about both queen's and PM's way of looking at Diana's death, i had a feeling both sides were presented as against knighting whoever and, especially, threating celebrities like they were knights.
    because i always thought that your knight title is like our professor title, handed out by a president himself, for certain science works. really helpful for everyone.

  2. 'Fraid not- in the UK you just buy your honours...

    Oops, just a bit contraversial!


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