Friday, 16 November 2007

Double Bubble*

My God, is it expensive here!

A huge shock to the system when we're used to paying 30p a loaf of bread and now it's around a quid. Beer at best, 3€/500ml, toothpaste ~£2 for a tube; we've not found anything that is better value compared to prices we've been paying throughout Eastern Europe.

And dining out is extortionate. Beef hotpot, mixed salad, potato dish, bread and still, mineral water (litre) came to over fifteen quid!

I think I need to lie down...

*Bubble and squeak, Greek innit.

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  1. well, i'm surprised you expected anything cheaper from the greeks, the most self-centred nation in the world.
    after germans.
    and i've heard that their driving is really bad. they even can park a car on the middle of the crossroad to pop into the shop for some toilet paper.


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