Wednesday, 31 October 2007

New "Travel Advisers"

From next year, an army of government-funded “travel advisers” will be persuading people to switch from driving to walking, cycling and public transport. They will contact you directly at your home and if you are out, they will return up to a further ten times, even in the evenings or at weekends.

If someone intruded into my privacy and free time to ask me about my travel habits and offer advice tailored to my journeys or offering me maps for walking or bus timetables, they'd not get much joy.

There are three "f"s in off...


  1. I'll definitely be inviting my personal "travel adviser" to copulate with themselves. Fucking nanny state bullshit.

  2. I wonder what advice they could offer us? :oD

  3. if the adviser knew how to encourage me to travel by bus but: still not acquainted by various unpleasant people, relaxing me as i was driving old school bmw, listening to favorite music and decide about my speed, perhaps he'd have a point.


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