Saturday, 29 September 2007

Leave it to Santa

The infamous Oktoberfest has already claimed one hapless victim in Munich this week.

A German man who had been drinking heavily got stuck in a chimney for 12 hours whilst trying to climb into a friend's apartment. After finding his mate wasn't in, the guy climbed on to the roof of a neighbouring building at about 2.00 in the morning and headed to what he thought was a gap in the wall between the two houses.

Instead he found himself sliding almost 30 metres head first into a chimney.

Amazingly he was not badly injured, sustaining just grazes and bruising after the local fire brigade knocked a hole into the chimney and got him out later in the afternoon.


  1. it is commonly said in poland that drunk people are more immune to physical and mental dangers.

    and there's a bit of the truth - drunk person has loose muscles, making him more flexible and less imminent to bone smashing.

    during one party i wanted to demonstrate judo self-defense technique on my friend. i slapped him on the ground so hard I thought i injured him badly.
    no way :)

  2. Oh yes, pissheads certainly bounce better.


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