Friday, 17 August 2007

Meeting Friends in Bar

The reason for our trip down the coast of Montenegro and now the furthest south we have been since our departure from the UK was to meet up with some friends that are originally Serbian but have settled in Southend, our old home.

We had such a great time, catching up and gossiping about the "good" old days. We were as ever, so generously looked after and did not want for anything. Good food (the best cevapcici yet) great beer (Niksicko) and superb company.

Thanks to both Nik and Sanja- next time we'll be hosts and hope repay the compliment.

PS: The beer.

They had bought a crate of 20 half litre bottles and paid 5€ (~3.57) for the lot. Oh, and the empties get a refund too.

Ha, ha!

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  1. Hiya,

    Nik didn't say when he was coming back to work did he? Only kidding, Ira says thanks for the birthday greeting last month,




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