Sunday, 12 August 2007

I Name Thee

With the current trend of parents naming their children all sorts of cobblers in a desperate attempt for them to be "different", it may surprise you that the UK has pretty much no ban on naming a child anything the parents choose outside of words deemed offensive.

In contrast to some countries, such as Portugal*, Norway*, Argentina, Germany and Spain which have officially-sanctioned lists; including both allowed and disallowed names.

This helps explain that since 1984, there are:

2 x Superman
6 x boys named Gandalf
29 x Gazzas,
36 x Arsenals (both sexes)

currently in the UK!

No accounting for taste, is there?

*For example, in Portugal, the Ministry of Justice's website includes 39 pages of officially-sanctioned names and 41 pages of those which are banned. Included in the latter group are Lolita, Maradona and Mona Lisa, however Portugal is being lobbied to repeal its controls.
Norway replaced its own list with a ban on swear and sex words, illnesses and negative names only as recently as four years ago.


  1. i've read not further than a year ago about finnish baby Metallica.

    germany's "verboten list" reminds me only of banning "jewish" names during Hitler rules. makes me sick.

    as far as i know, polish regulations are extended. no lists, but the name must not be offensive AND making no trouble with determining sex. generally, girly name is ended with "a".

    there is a guy named Solidariusz, after famous Solidarity movement in 80s Gdańsk shipyard, you must've heard. the kid register guy was afraid of soviet oppressions on him if he did register baby named like this, so solidariusz's parents visited lots of them until they've found one agreeing to do so.


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