Thursday, 30 August 2007

And Then They go to The Brewery

Sarajevo has the massive Sarajevska Pivara (Sarajevo Brewery- directly above) set close by the river on the other side of the city, and it is painted quite the most startling red and yellow, making it very hard to miss.
We didn't and found it quite easily. :oD
Whilst we did not get a tour around the brewery itself (we have already seen more than enough breweries in the UK and the principal is all the same) we did however make ourselves quite at home in the adjoining beer hall (top picture).
Almost a Victorian decadence with Austrian opulence thrown in for good measure, we sampled all three of their brews, both the filtered and non-filtered light beer and the darker, almost sweet; treacle-tasting black beer.
Naturally we tried their cheese and Bosnian plates (smoked meats) with some simply delicious, fresh bread rolls and bagels and we spent a top afternoon in the cool (air conditioned) cellar-like hall.
Definitely worth a look in.


  1. never been to brewery, but i participated in glass mill tour in harachov, czech republic, where workers working with red hot glass drank special low-alcohol beer, which, traditionally, was produced by local brewery build exclusively for this factory :)
    apart from that, it was the first factory in europe lighted electically, and the power was produced by miniature water dam on nearby river.

    also worth seeing.

  2. That does sound really good as it goes.


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