Saturday, 25 August 2007


Some of you may not have come across the term "adhan" before which is the Islamic call to prayer and is given out by the muezzin (chosen person) from a minaret of a mosque.

The "salat" (prayers) are called out five times a day and are usually amplified, however since we have been in Bosnia, both in Mostar and here in Sarajevo, these calls have been anything but intrusive or disturbing.

Most of the time if one is inside one can't even hear them.

After minarets became customary (previously the roof of the mosque was used), the role of a muezzin in cities was sometimes given to a blind person as they could not look down into the inner courts of the people's houses and thus violate their privacy.

In an age when there was little or no schooling for the blind and blindness was an impediment for almost all other jobs, it also provided a useful employment.

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