Monday, 16 July 2007

Coincidence? Not Half!

I'm a passionate fan of motorbikes and this is possibly the single most thing I miss on our travels; our stable of two wheeled steeds. However, it's a small sacrifice to make and I still keep in touch with the bike scene via forum chat boards where I have made lots of great friends.

These forums are not just a good way to meet and interact with people who share similar tastes, but they are full of very generous and knowledgeable folk who are always keen to help should you have a problem or query.

Recently we discovered that scans we had taken of our passports could not be opened as we no longer had the correct programme since our previous laptop died. I put up a plea for help and shortly received an email from "Nomad" who volunteered his services and converted them within minutes for us.

Perhaps a simple task for someone with the correct software, but still a favour nonetheless, which got us out of a hole and helped us immensely. Top man.

From an entirely different board, another pal "Jonah" was taking his R1 (funnily enough, I had one of those too) out for a blast and ended up in Dawlish Warren where he treated himself to a pint in The Anchor by the harbour. He saw a couple of Harleys (although Nomad rides a Triumph Rocket III- nice one J!) and the riders noticed his bike and especially a couple of stickers for "The Gin House" adhered to his fairings.

One of the guys struck up conversation in the usual friendly biker style and asked Jonah if he knew Trixy (we have some great user names on these forums :oD) and me and it happened to be Nomad of all people- he was off to France for his holiday on the bike with some friends.

It really is a small world sometimes...

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