Saturday, 21 July 2007

Cash For Honours, The Results Are In

The Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard yesterday advised that after interviewing 136 people, in an investigation that lasted sixteen months and that cost the taxpayer almost £1 000 000, there wold be no arrests or convictions.

Did anyone seriously ever expect there to be?

All this does is demonstrate once again that politicians will be able to manipulate the law to their advantage and that our fine friends in blue are most expert in spoofing up our taxes with professional incompetency.

Although to be fair, Plod is blaming the CPS (Crown Prosecuting Service) and they are in turn blaming Dibble.

I blame the people for allowing this comedy of errors to keep repeatedly being played out.

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  1. More Bollox - More Orwellian theatre from this opressive shite bunch of tossers we call a government


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