Saturday, 9 June 2007

Barfin' Burd

Anyone a Ramones fan? If so, remember a song called Surfin’ Bird? Nifty title, huh?

So, having introduced this post in a most tenuous manner, on with the tale.

We were enjoying a night out in a local restaurant, when a young girl (12? 13?) came in with her father, who went to the bar. The girl waited by the door whilst her old man paid the bill (the family had been dining outside in the balmy night air) and just as he was getting his change, she rather unfortunately threw up- EVERYWHERE, right over the front door mat, in front of all the passers by, checking out the menu.

It wasn’t so much the action that intrigued me, as to why she had vommed. Was it the food? Had she been sneaking a drink from her parents’ glass? We’ll never know, but the restaurant staff were as good as gold putting the soiled mat straight into a plastic rubbish bag and scrubbing the doorstep down with disinfectant.


  1. jesus, i'm reading the posts in inverted order, and each one makes me feel worse about the place you spend time dining. that's just horrible what's happening over there!

  2. Ah yes, I've uploaded our posts in one go and some are out of sync. Never mind- all should be well for the next week or so as we have live access again.

    And the place was cool; just one of those things...



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