Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Mario Brothers

Nintendo Italian plumbers, right?

A minor quibble at our place of doss was the plumbing.

Whilst it had all the facilities of bath, sink, toilet bidet and shower; the water pressure was poor.

Opening taps on the sink revealed that more water came out of the tops of the taps than the faucet itself (ditto toilet flush) and to take a shower would have involved dashing around under the shower sprinkler to try and get wet. Even if you got lucky and did get a tad damp, the water would have been cold by the time it had dripped down, so it was better to take a bath.

We found the best plan of attack to draw a bath was to open the hot water tap on full before we went to bed, and if the lunar bio-rhythms were correctly aligned we'd have a full(ish) bath in the morning.

Plenty of hot water at all times, just that it took a few days to arrive.

And they say the Romans had a hand in introducing plumbing to the world? Yeah, right...

(Actually it wasn't too bad, but a shower was a non-starter and the bath did take quite a while to fill. All we did was run the bath whilst we had our breakfast in bed so no real problem at all.)

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  1. The water is probably still supplies via aquaeducts. Just like in the UK where water (apparently according to a "Designer" from Dolphin Bathrooms) in the UK it is still standard to have a tank under your roof and then only use gravity to let it pour down the taps. So, still the problem that if you flush the toilet someone will get third degree burns in the shower. For me, German plumbing is the key! ;)


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