Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Just Like England

Yesterday we went "al fresco" and had a coffee (well, wifey did- I can't stand the stuff) outside. It was so warm and sunny that we sat outside in the middle of January and watched the sun sink down towards the Adriatic, wearing just a pullover.

Until a large delivery truck pulled up on the opposite side of the road and blocked the sun out!

All the punters on the veranda simply smiled, made a joke or casually returned to their papers and conversation, and within minutes the van driver came back and was about to drive off when he noticed a couple of young kids with their father on a table next to us.

So the delivery chap went into the back of his van, brought out a handful of balloons and gave them to the kids, before driving off and returning us to our basking sunshine.

Just as they do things in England, eh?


  1. I remember stuff like that happening to me when I was kid in England, maybe they still happen today?

  2. Pullover? When did this event happen? In the fifties??!!!

  3. Pullover; jumper; sweater- are you takig the piss? Eeeek- I'm turning into me old man.

  4. That's Karim's German side taking over. Pullover is widely used in Germany and I was very irritated when I heard "Jumper" the first time. I just thought: I thought Pullover is an English word. Why is nobody using it?


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