Saturday, 18 November 2006

Braun- An Apology!

Previously I was cursing the electric toothbrush as the re-chargeable battery was knacked. Again.

Wouldn't hold a charge, was charging intermittently and all round sluggish performance. All round I was not a happy bunny as a replacement currently sits in the "out of bounds of our meagre budget" price and yet I doubt we could ever revert to "normal" toothbrushes.

Weeeelllll, last night I wandered into the bathroom and again I noticed the little blue charging light was out. I went to switch on the bathroom light (situated outside of the bathroom as a safety feature) and as soon as I flicked the switch, the blue light on the toothbrush handle started winking.

Then the penny dropped.

The socket is only powered if the light switch is on (another safety precaution?) and so the brush (and having discharged it fully for its biannual battery conditioning as per OEM's instructions) was only getting charged for a few minutes a day when we had the light on in the bathroom.

Toothbrush is now relocated next to the laptop, merrily blinking away and soon to be fully recharged. Blinking thing...

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