Friday, 1 September 2006


Personally I don't have one, nor do I follow a God. Quite comfortable doing my own thing but I have respect for people who do have Faith- each to their own and all that.

To my mind all the religions around this world are essentially a set of stories and basic rules on which you are expected to model your life to ensure you are a better person. These rules themselves are all decent enough, logical guidelines and usually make a lot of sense.

However, one or two of the mainstream religions have an interesting take on the humble pig. It is deemed that meat from this animal is verboten as it is a dirty creature. Sure, perhaps on first impressions it may be, but oddly enough, it is in fact one of the cleanest creatures.

So, if they can get something simple like that wrong, doesn't it make you wonder about the rest of the wise words? It does me...

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  1. i think that some of the prohibitions made by religions had a point. like christians not eating meat each friday. it may be symbolic, but serving more vegetables and fish once a week is also a good diet. christians also celebrate annual lent, which is also quite healthy. in my opinion the religious rules were better arguments for the first christians than feeding issues. this is only an examle, most of the rules may turn out to be practical.

    but i also don't believe in any god and don't follow any religion, but i believe that following ten rules contained in christian decalogue is not a bad idea either, except of going to church every week.


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