Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Polish Dogs

I mentioned that the Germans appear to be a big nation of dog lovers and it seems to be the same here in Poland. Dogs everywhere, either with or without owners. Not yappy little lap dogs either, but big, proper, feck-off dogs.

Unlike in Germany though, the Polish dog is not quite as spoilt or mollycoddled. It is left outside to live and guard the house and/or to scare the living shit out of innocent passers-by walking a bit too close to the fence.

I have no problem with dogs being kept outside at all. Makes perfect sense. However, this makes for a huge problem. Barking.

All day and night long you can hear a chorus of barks, snaps, yips, growls, snarls and other associated canine chatter and that really is all day and night long. As soon as one mutt stops, another starts and at times you can hear an entire pack of them from one street to another.

I presume that because everyone keeps dogs outside, ones gets used to the noise and over the weeks you do build up a tolerance to it. It must be like living next to a railway track or airport.

However, it really is quite difficult initially to get a good night's kip with all the hallabaloo going on in the background and that is about the only thing I will not miss about Poland.

Let's hope Krakow is a tad quieter.

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  1. i think that owners of these dogs were rather afraid of burglary than real dog lovers. on the other hand, usually people can't refuse to keep the dog found tied to the tree in the middle of forest. especially because there are never free places in... you know, the places where homeless pets are kept by volunteers.


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