Saturday, 2 September 2006

Our Apartment

Was due to be cleaned and our washing was to be taken away last Wednesday as arranged with the apartment owners when we took the place on. Nothing happened.

Friday, we heard the doorbell and there were the owners, extremely apologetic as their cleaner had quit without telling them (ironically she'd gone back to England) and they had no idea until they had just heard the apartment had not been sorted out.

They had also brought over all clean towels, bedding and they took our washing, and as way of an apology they had bought us a brand new microwave oven!

Now that is what you call service!

Poland is full of such lovely people and you're honestly all missing out.

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  1. the point is that poles can be really nice to guests, especially those from over the border, but in everyday life they are as much greedy, unfair and unpleasant as anywhere else in "civilized" parts of the world. i mean, poles are really special, because I'm quite sure that germans or british citizens wouldn't be so nice to us if we paid them a visit. at least germans didn't. but still, swiss people are also very pleasant. concluding, i guess it's a kind of national tradition to welcome strangers so warmly.


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