Friday, 7 July 2006

How We Laughed...

Found a cracking little restaurant near to our villa, just in the high street but slightly off the main drag which had loads of people sitting out in the sun, hence obviously popular. Feeling a tad peckish we thought we'd give it a go and took seats inside. (Not a huge fan of dining al fresco as insects tend to want to go Dutch with me nosh and this irritates.)

So we go in, say "hi" and sit down and wait. We see both the waiter and waitress see us looking at them and wonder why, after fifteen minutes still no one has offered us a menu. Another five minutes and eventually we pluck up enough courage to go and find out what's happening.

Turns out it's a self order place and we'd walked right past the menus which were piled up high on the front counter! Ooops. Luckily no harm done except to enhance our appetite and we looked over the extensive and 100% Polish worded menu. Getting the phrase book out we painfully translated some choices and by sheer chance we turned the menus over.

To find it was identical on the back but in English...

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