Thursday, 15 June 2006

Right, Right Right o' Way

Think of a white square, with a yellow square inside it giving a white border around the white square. Now rotate this through 45 degrees and mount it on a pole and stick it on a main road. With me so far?

This means you have right of way. Obviously, you’re on the bleedin’ main road, innit?

Now take the sign and put some black signs on it and put it back on the main road.

This now means that any traffic approaching from the right side onto the main road that you’re already on gets right of way! Seriously.

Neat way to get a new wing for your banger from an unsuspecting tourist, eh?

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  1. And if there are no signs or a red triangle /x\ on white ground with an x inside than it means "right before left" meaning you have to give right to anybody coming right from you. It's funny if 4 cars approach such a crossing from either side simultaneously, because everyone is 'right'. It is a bit like these silly mini roundabouts you have here in England.

    And yes, I do know people who cruised around accident blackspots of these 'right before left' crossings, because they needed an insurance of somebody else to get their car fixed or renewed. Clever, ay?


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