Friday, 30 June 2006

First Look At Poland

Now we've caught (ish) up on the back log of posts (below) and we have access to the outside world with broadband internet at our new place of dossing (Villa Ada in Oliwa- most excellent), some initial impressions and stuff:

Left Hamburg Sunday, 25th June and drove via Berlin onto Oliwa, our next destination in Poland.

Oliwa is located equidistantly between Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot (Sopot as most of you will know is twinned with Sarfend, Essex and was on the list of places to visit “just because”).

The trip was about 1000 km which we broke up by staying overnight in Ryman, not only to take a break and grab some food, but also to watch the England game against Ecuador. Why did we bother? Whilst the team is making progress it’s as painful as putting chilli in your eye and just as much fun to watch. Still, you’ll probably jam your way into the semis and then who knows? It’s about time you had another song as the last one’s getting a bit thread bare…

The motel we stayed at was good value (about thirty quid for a 3 star) and the food was cheap but watch out for the final bill. Everything you ask for is charged, even the garnish I suspect, and the meat/fish is priced by weight so it does add up. It even costs extra to heat the veggies; luke warm at best but this is Poland, right?

The final 350 km we cleared off the next morning but the motorway we thought would be plain sailing was a different kettle of fish. At best we had two lanes on smooth tarmac but on the whole it was single track (with overtaking at your peril) and the terrain was akin to me the morning after a night on the Vodka- rough is just the start of it. It took us almost as long to drive the 350 km across Poland as it did from Hamburg to our first stop (~650 km) but then again we had Deutshe Autobahns and cruising at 200 kph really does rack up the mileage!

However, first look at Poland is good and we’re very much looking forward to our stay here, with fuller reports to come.

Stay tuned folks.

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