Tuesday, 11 April 2006

The Gin House

It’s about time I mentioned my old (and current) stomping ground, The Gin House.

It’s a forum of like minded people who all share an interest in motorcycling and hurling abuse at one another and usually all other people in the news.

It was started about a year ago when our old motorcycle forum was closed and Trixyminx decided she could do a better job. So she did, and from this the Gin House began. Slowly all the old members re-joined and we’re now about one hundred strong.

I could name all the regular posters but with my memory I’m bound to forget a few and get knacked so I’m not going to even try. Suffice to say they’re all top people, swear feckin’ loads and are bloody funny.

Usually intentionally too.

But don’t just take my word for it, look for yourselves at:


Bet you’re wondering how you’ve missed this one before and how empty your lives have been.

PS: If you join and mention my name they’ll go really easy on you. Honest…


  1. go easy if ya mention karter?? yeaaaaaaaaaaah.. course we will!!!!! LOL

  2. Look, I just get them to sign on then my job is done...

  3. im calling my self Knackigem tits..

    Just to prove i read the blog..



  4. I love you man

    My bottom hasnt been the same since you left :(
    The guys at the Blue Oyster bar all say "yoohooo " and Mr Fisty ran out of lube again
    tata for now

  5. sniff.. his parents read this.. Dont they minge breath?

  6. well, he's posted links to the Gin House. if they ever read what he's
    put on there......

  7. Who's this tel person and why is she advertising obscene biker sites?

  8. I will be gentle like I always am *Big evil Grin*

  9. No worries about content here- all's fair in love and war. :-D

    "crispy tits" Ha, har...


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